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Dental Care 101: Why Should You Switch to a Smart Toothbrush?


 ‘You’ve got to brush regularly to get that million dollar smile.’

We’ve all heard it!

But sometimes even our vigorous teeth brushing schedule isn’t enough to get that sparkling smile. You need to improve your eating habits and play close attention to oral hygiene.

Additionally, you’ve got to look beyond the ingredients of your toothpaste. That means opting for a brush that doesn’t just clean your teeth. But properly cares for them.

This is why we’ve designed the Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush. This nifty toothbrush takes your teeth brushing routine to the next level. So that you can lead a life that is free from pesky plaque, cavities and gum problems.

Let’s look at all some of the benefits a smart toothbrush offers:

1. One Brush to Rule Them All

Has your doctor ever told you to get a toothbrush with gentle bristles? Have they ever told you to get one that gives better coverage?

Generally speaking, toothbrushes are designed to solve one or two dental problems. This means that you’ll probably be advised to change the toothbrush depending on your problem.  Not only is this inconvenient for you. But it turns out to be a rather expensive route to take. Doesn’t it?

Lucky for you, Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush has not one or two but five modes.

This includes:

  • A standard mode to clean your entire mouth
  • A whitening mode to wipe out the stains
  • A polishing mode to bring out the natural shine
  • A gentle mode to deal with gum problems
  • A sensitive mode for your extra sensitive teeth

All in all, it’s a single solution to all your dental problems.

2. Goes Beyond the Usual

Do you tend to overuse your toothbrush?

You know, using it way past its durability. This little habit is one of the biggest reasons why your oral hygiene falters. Your average toothbrush is only effective if it’s in its prime condition. So you need to toss it out the bin once those bristles start to get worn out. But one often forgets to do the needful due to our busy schedules. Isn’t that so?

Our smart toothbrush overcomes this problem with the help of its time-reactive bristles. The blue bristles will start to fade away after a span of 3 months. This will indicate that you need to change the bristle head immediately.

What’s more? The antibacterial bristles come in 32 clusters that accommodate 16 brushing coverages. This ensures that your teeth get thoroughly clean during each session.

3. Smart Coverage

People often say that smart toothbrushes are hard to operate. But this isn’t the case with ours. The benefits of our smart toothbrush aren’t restricted to its multi-mode options, sleek design and sturdy grip. It also comes with a Bluetooth app that teaches you how to improve your toothbrush habits.

Let’s look at some of the features that make this possible:

  • A time tracker to monitor your brushing regime
  • An app that provides visual aids to help brush better
  • Smart guidance that lets you brush through 16 zones

In short, our smart toothbrush has everything you need to get stronger, sharper and shinier teeth.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to ditch your average toothbrush. Then pick up our Denti Care Smart Sonic Toothbrush. It’ll definitely give you something to smile about!

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