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Parenting Problems: Why Is Your Child Wetting the Bed?

Bedwetting problems are frequent for children under the age of six.  Even if your child is potty trained, bedwetting is not a serious cause of concern. It is a natural part of your child’s development process, especially in terms of bladder control during the night.

Some of the main reasons why a child may wet their bed include:

Size and Development of the Bladder

Bedwetting usually occurs in children because their bladder is very small. As a result, it cannot hold urine throughout the night. In other cases, the nerves that control the child’s bladder may not be fully matured. This means that a child cannot know when their bladder is full and end up wetting the bed while asleep. You can consider using a bedwetting alarm that can wake up your child when they need to go to the bathroom and relieve themselves. This can decrease their bedwetting problems.


Constipation can also cause your child to wet the bed. This is because when the intestines are full, the amount of pressure on the bladder automatically increases and the child ends up wetting the bed. Constipation also increases the number of times your child has to go pee. If they are still being potty trained, they may fail to wake up each time they have to go.

Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder can also lead a child to wet the bed. In this case, the bladder ends up holding a lower amount of urine. It also sends across a signal that it needs to be emptied before being full. You can look for small patches of urine on the bed as this might suggest an overactive bladder. Bladder exercises can help resolve this problem as they make the muscles of your bladder stronger. This allows the bladder to hold more urine and not be too active.

Producing Too Much Urine

If your child is producing lower levels of the hormone vasopressin, then this could also be the reason for their bedwetting problems.  This hormone is responsible for the amount of urine produced by the kidneys during the night. An imbalance can result in more urine production, which can cause an increase in the number of bedwetting incidents. A bedwetting alarm can prove to be useful in this case.

Urinary Tract Infection

If your child is suffering from a urinary tract infection, then this can also result in a bedwetting incident. A urinary tract infection makes it difficult for a child to keep themselves from urinating. Common signs of a urinary tract infection include more than just bedwetting during the night. The child could also have incidents during the day, go to the bathroom more often, feel pain while urinating, and produce urine of pink or red color.

To Sum It Up

There are several different reasons for bedwetting incidents. If your child frequently wets the bed, then we suggest you try out Peepiya Bedwetting Solution. It can help your child avoid the embarrassment and stress associated with wetting the bed and sleep peacefully every night.


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