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  • I have used several sonic toothbrushes. What makes DENTICARE unique? READ MORE

    DENTiCARE focuses on optimal cleaning. It cleans along the gum line, removing plaque while stimulating the gums. With gum health being the foundation of good oral health, DENTiCARE is clinically proven to improve it in just two weeks.

  • How do I charge my Toothbrush device? READ MORE

    Gently insert your USB cable or the cable of your charger into your device’s charging port.

  • Do I need to charge my electric toothbrush device 24 hours before my first use? READ MORE

    Please charge your device before the first use as they may not be fully charged upon arrival.

  • Will my charger work in different countries if I use an adapter? READ MORE

    Yes, it has a standard USB charger.

  • How often should I charge my toothbrush device? READ MORE

    Charging your DENTiCARE has never been so effortless. Once the LED indicator blinks red, place your toothbrush into the wireless charger and it instantly starts charging. Enjoy up to one month of regular use from a single full charge.

  • How often should I change my brush head? READ MORE

    The brush has blue bristles that fade away to remind you of replacing the brush head every three months.

  • Can I use Smart Sonic + brush head on a toothbrush that’s of another brand? READ MORE

    No, our brush head is exclusively designed for our sonic toothbrush.



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